The problems and treatment of these conditions is often like …

  Honey Coated

With the best of your Efforts or Experts:


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED that even good to excellent products and treatments from qualified practitioners usually yield results for only a limited time?

We had similar experiences when we started out at our Centre decades ago: our clients had very good improvements, but usually they were short term. So we explored, researched, traveled and experimented to help us achieve long-term improvements, learning HOW YOU CAN GO ABOUT HAVING LASTING RESULTS!

If one doesn’t like spinach etc they can cover it with a tasty dressing or honey to hide its taste.

So those who try to manage their external condition, one way or another, have relief and improvement to a certain degree, yet are often dealing with only one part of their problem (as explained later).Blockages to one’s improvement may be the result of an inaccurate self-evaluation and beliefs about one’s condition.

Some examples:A client said his skin felt and was dry; our analysis found his condition to actually be quite oily; the reason was lack of moisture, dehydration, climate, and various other factors – internally and externally.

A client was losing hair, and receiving oil treatments for the dry hair. Our analysis did find dry hair, but with a very oily scalp. With our instructions, the hair condition normalized quite rapidly.

Also, skin treatments like a pore cleansing (blackhead and whitehead removal) can superficially clear the skin when done professionally, however if one continues the same activities that caused the problem to begin with, at home or elsewhere, results are usually temporary (be it acne, eczema, very oily or dry conditions, itching, rashes redness, etc.).

The first important key was a more extensive analysis to know which products and treatments are correct for each individual, so from a few minutes we extended it up to about a half hour. We also instruct the person about certain preparation procedures that increase accuracy, detecting the amount of moisture, oily or dry, color tone, texture etc on different areas, along with a wider case history.


After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body, with many important vital functions: it breathes, absorbs, perspires, protects us, regulates heat and cold plus sensation, etc. So when there is a problem it can affect how we feel in multiple ways.

Finding out as much as possible about one’s skin through the analysis enabled us to precisely choose the specific treatments, products, literature, instructions, and adapt them to the individual’s needs, setting up a very solid foundation to start from.

Results were longer lasting, and we continued to develop our ideas and techniques. Our goal and quest is to aid others to avoid a continuous cycle of cost, time, tension and incomplete results. We soon realized that “Skin, Scalp, Hair and Wellness Care” is usually more than just a “One Step Process” and that:

WE ARE NOT JUST A PIECE OF SKIN, SCALP OR HAIR – a symptom to be treated externally – AS SEPARATE FROM US!

We are connected to it, and it is often inadequate to only proceed with passive methods. We are affected by eating habits, excessive stress, how we think, feel and act – as a whole human being!

We developed a more detailed advice, precisely fit and suited to the individual’s changing needs, to bring about one’s condition to naturally become and stay balanced.

Earlier we said we would explain what we meant by HONEY COATED SPINACH.” It’s like controlling one’s external visible condition only – this is often somewhat like CAMOUFLAGING THE PROBLEM to a large extent, which is like turning off the irritating alarm while the ACTUAL UNDERLYING PROBLEM THAT CAUSED THE CONDITION REMAINS.

This often is the case, especially with conventional mainstream treatment. In what seems like the QUICK FIX”, is externally only one part of the complete picture.

Generally, one’s ORIGINATING CAUSE is usually not being dealt with – be it deficiencies or excesses, sensitivities, etc.

There may be different reasons, causes or a combination of them, in each individual (to different degrees and times).

We are skilled in pinpointing conditions with clear effective guidance, treating Men, Women & Teenagers for over 35 years. The BBB Plaque of Honour (1995) was presented by the Mayor to us for the ‘Longest Established Centre in Excellent Standing’ in British Columbia.

We are European Specialists in treating:
• Acne, blackheads (on face or back)
• Scars
• Dry, oily, irritated skin, scalp or hair
• Dandruff and thinning or falling hair
• Anti-aging
• Effective instruction for eczema
• Psoriasis
• Rosacea, discolourization
• Age spots (deep rooted)
• Difficult and long term problems are our expertise
• Highly sensitive or unique conditions are given specific attention (as often resistant to many methods)

Our newer, more complete, comprehensive, active approach and ways to speed regeneration have resulted in excellent, long lasting and often permanent results.

We had finally achieved our original goal, with 1000’s having benefited from our successful, time tested approach, with most having minimal if any reoccurring problem, plus being healthier, looking and feeling better from their experiences and what they have gained at our Centre.

Our most effective and frequently used equipment is anti-inflammatory and balances the oil production, whether dry or overactive. It’s regenerative and feels very refreshing, all brought on by light and oxygen.

We also have a unique skin treatment that includes the just mentioned treatment, various processes, plus a special peel, which is relaxing and pleasant.