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The Heidars were ecologically-minded and very conscious of greening. They provided a large library of books and products (for sale and to lend out) on all matters related to natural health, skin, hair and wellness on all levels – and natural products such as soaps, detergents and toothpastes that were chemical-free.

Later, Mr. Ronar Heidar for a time ran Heidar Environmentals, providing ionizers and full-spectrum lighting; he also provided information on indoor and outdoor pollution, the importance of chemical-free paints, drycleaning, carpets, etc.

They refered clients to other companies, businesses and stores that provided related helpful services – making them aware of the importance of all of this.

They very much were aware of the relation between one’s condition, physically and in stress tension and anxiety, and have taught various reduction techniques to help. So, they were very much into the body-mind connection.

Later, they studied and taught the advanced EFT Method and Mr. Heidar took the Tappas Accupressure Technique course (from Tappas Flemming) and has taught it and other related techniques to many clients, practitioners, doctors and therapists.

They have given out literature and information on the well known cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is a great supporter and resource on these methods, with a film, The Biology of Belief.

They knew Dr. Roger H. Rogers, who started the Alternative Wellness Centre, INSPIRE, and has the Roger Rogers Prize for Alternative Excellence, given out every two years, with many attending from all over North America.

The Journal of Commerce and The Vancouver Sun also wrote and reported about the Park & Tilford Trophy, in which Veronica received the Certificate of Honour.

We have numerous testimonials over decades expressing appreciation, and a BBB Plaque of Honour (1995) was presented by the Mayor for the ‘Longest Established Centre in Excellent Standing’

Skin, Scalp & Hair Care were in their infancy when Veronica and Ronae arrived in Vancouver; only four other places were devoted to it (all since long gone).The Heidars were pioneers in their field. Veronica mentioned to a talented person she was working with that a men’s skin & hair service was a good idea. Hence, the Vikings opened downtown.

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There was nothing like it, and it became the in-place to go for the public and celebrities alike (both local and out-of-town clients).Veronica and Ronae went on to open their first establishment on Fourth Avenue in Kitsilano. This area was stark and bare at the time. Their clinic brought distinction to this area of town, receiving a Certificate of Honour for the “Encouragement of Industrial Beautification in BC” (the Park & Tilford Trophy). This appeared in a newspaper article and paved the way gradually as one shop after another moved there, with improved colourful designs.

“Veronica brought distinction to our section of town by picking up a certification of honour in Park & Tilford’s architectural award competition, for her Skin, Scalp and Hair Improvement Centre at 2006 West Fourth. The building is a converted house, re-designed by Veronica and an architect. Effective use of a canopy, flowers and shrubbery were illustrated in a four-minute slide presentation on Park & Tilford award night. Clark Bentall took the big P&T trophy home to Southwest Marine for the magnificent Bentall Centre structure and plaza at Burrard and Pender.”

The Heidars later relocated to downtown, carrying nutritional products and books, and informing people on the benefits of such things as green concentrates (before they were popular). Also, they talked about chemical-free foods, environmentally-friendly products, greening, ground-breaking ecologically-minded ideas and literature.

They then decided to relocate to a central location, on 23rd Avenue by Oak Street.

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Also at this time, they were asked to be the major presenters for the very first Women’s World exhibition. (* see below) 

They put together a diverse panel (for the times) with fast-paced exercises, addressing issues like nutrition, stress control, etc. (filling the auditorium twice a day, and conducting other activities).

For years, they were involved in the Variety Club Telethons, in Vancouver, working long hours treating volunteers, crew members and celebrity actors (plus attending various functions and meetings).

They continued to be a strong influence in the city, initiating many into the related areas of health and the esthetics industry. Many medical clients, doctors and nurses became more informed in the Heidar centre. The Heidars also traveled and researched, especially south down the West Coast, plus other areas, staying with alternative/complimentary health doctors and at holistic health centres, and getting their ideas out.

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They have written, produced and directed dozens of videos related to their field, and 17 instruction booklets, targeting individual skin conditions; and they’ve given classes at their centre for years; they were also consultants to various companies and organizations, etc.

Over time, they have each given tens of thousands of individual consultations on skin, hair and health care!

They’ve also turned down various offers, one being to run the skin/hair health department of Canyon Ranch, Arizona, now the best known of its kind in North America.

They have always felt it was best to place their talents and energies where they are most helpful: to assist on an individual basis and to continue to treat and consult individuals.

They’ve always informed others that there is generally more that the individual can do for himself/herself than has been tried using traditionally-known means (through lectures in the city and at their clinic/centre).

The Heidars were years ahead of others in informing people of such matters as the importance of some sun exposure and its various benefits (including Vitamin D), the harmful chemicals in conventional sunscreens, and of the benefits of real Celtic-type salts over common salts.

They placed great emphasis on the mind-body connection, decades ago, and self-image, esteem, and very advanced techniques on stress relief.

How you feel influences how you look and vice versa. One’s skin, hair, etc. are a mirror of what is occurring elsewhere, physically or mentally. Also, when you treat the whole system, parts of it will improve, and treating one or more parts may heal the whole.

It is said that it may be easier to find the right answers when one asks the right questions!

Improving one’s condition doesn’t have to be a huge struggle, and “if you want a difference, you do different!” Also, “it works if you work!” There are simple actions one can take that can be powerful in improving anti-aging, rejuvenation, energy-mood, and adopting an anti-inflammation diet by eating low-glycemic foods.

Mr. Ronae Heidar has a growing email service, where he links and informs like-minded practitioners, experts, organizations and doctors on the latest advanced eclectic techniques, ideas and methods. The Heidars are glad to have influenced the area of skin, scalp, hair and health care; previously foreign and unusual, it is now becoming more mainstream in magazines, TV and radio. They feel it’s only the tip of the iceberg; there’s far more to come.

Skin, scalp, hair and health conditions are often treated without dealing with or knowing the cause of some of the deeper levels. As it is not always what some things look like, but what it is like (and what we are like). This is why they have placed a huge emphasis on the correct analysis (an incorrect analysis can set one on the road to the wrong products, methods and treatments).

An Italian proverb says, “it is not enough to aim; you must hit or strike!”

The Heidars have achieved improvements with more in-depth conditions such as psoriasis. And when a person is told by an expert that little more can be done, it means they don’t know what else to do, so many end up with incomplete or temporary results, and only the superficial symptoms (the markers) are treated. It’s similar to silencing an alarm siren, but doing nothing about the intruder!


Sun Newspaper

Shortly after opening on 4th Avenue, a Sun Newspaper reporter/journalist, well-known at the time, wrote a newspaper article on us. This is a brief excerpt:

“Men or women with hair problems, such as balding, brittle ends, falling hair, or dry scalps can be helped,” says the Hungarian-born specialist. “I don’t promise miracles.” Many people can’t pinpoint the cause of their particular skin and hair problem, so careful analysis is done by Veronica.

Les Novelles Esthetiques

The editor of Les Novelles Esthetiques, the largest circulation journal/magazine in the world, wrote:

“Your remarks about the psychological approach in beauty care are extremely interesting, so much so that I intend to publish extracts of your letter in the next issue. I am sure that you have many interesting suggestions on treatments, etc. Please do not hesitate to write us. Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.”


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