Clients have expressed their appreciation in many Testimonials

Here are just a few of them:

Dear Veronica & Ronae, You’ve helped to make a remarkable difference in the improvement of my skin, my health and my outlook on life. By following your advice on skin care and nutrition I’ve become a “new and improved woman.” Many thanks for your care and kindness. Mary Jane

Dear Veronica & Ronae, Both my hair and myself thank you! People with your humanity and kindness are very rare indeed and I truly came to know you both! Love and affection, Jim

Dearest Veronica et Ronae, What can I say about you that hasn’t been said before? You are the only two people I know that I respect completely. The both of you have been a major part in changing my philosophy and outlook on life (as well as my complexion!). All my love and respect. Art

Veronica & Ronae, I’ve been coming to Veronica and Ronae for about three weeks and I was very depressed about the amount of boils and pimples on my face. With the high frequency and the new products my face is now clear of pimples and boils. I have been to so many other clinics, but I have had no success until I met Veronica and Ronae. All I can say is that I am so grateful for their care and help for my improvements. Love, Roseina

Dear Veronica & Ronae, I wanted to thank you for the miraculous results we achieved in such a short time. In just six weeks my skin condition is under control and on the mend. I have never had results similar to those working with you, and my confidence has increased immeasurably. Your “total approach” is easily the most comprehensive and productive method I have encountered. I would wholly recommend your service to any perspective clients and I look forward to seeing you when I return from Europe. Once again, I thank you for your efforts, knowledge and professionalism. Sincerely, PT

To Veronica & Ronae, Thank you for the new complexion! The time and care you have given me has been much appreciated. I will always remember my visits and the results – how quickly I improved! Thank you. Chris

Dear Veronica & Ronae, Thank You so much! After 20 years of going to different experts etc I feel hope again. I had pretty much given up. My acne was just getting worse. It was spreading down my arms and legs. Now, after one month, I have almost no pimples on my face. This means so much to me. It is hard to start each day covered in pimples. It seems like I can start to really live again. Bless You. Patricia

Dear Veronica & Ronae Heidar, Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! After years of struggling with acne and trying all kinds of pills and products, it was the guidence and knowledge I gained from Veronica and Ronae that has proven to be the remedy. They took me into their comfortable clinic and performed a detailed analysis of my skin and hair type. From this they determined the proper regime and product mix to solve my problem. By using their products, coaching and support, I saw noticeable improvements. After six months, my acne was completely gone and it hasn’t come back since. My success depended on changing my diet, my attitute and being open to new ideas. Veronica and Ronae were very supportive and I always looked forward to my next visit. My experience with the Heidar skin care clinic has left me healthier and happier, and I can’t thank them enough. Ryan

To Veronica & Ronae, With many thanks for your friendship, I never believed that I could have good skin – you have certainly restored my faith in human skill and kindness. Best regards for every success in the future. Paulina

Dear Veronica & Ronae, You fill people’s lives with beauty, joy and grace. You make the world that we live in a better and happier place. Thanks for being this kind of people, also to me. It was a pleasure to meet you! With love, Anna from Poland

Veronica & Ronae, For 20 years I suffered from severe acne pimples, having been treated by dermatologists and even having been on Accutaine, with no relief. After three weeks of treatment by Veronica and Ronae, their skill, expertise and positive energy made a world of difference to my complexion and my health. Since that time, I have not had a single breakout and am extremely grateful for all their help. Love and many thanks, Mike

To Veronica & Ronae, When I came my hair was again starting to fall out with combing or brushing and needed attention, which I came after phoning. I found the body brush a very good way to feel better all over. It is very soothing. The shampoo method and products sure stopped my hair loss. K

Dear Veronica, Thank you for taking part in the Consumer Forum Television program dealing with skin care and cosmetics. Your helpful advice about skin care and when to begin seriously caring for the skin seemed well received by the viewing audience. We appreciated your help in producing an interesting and informative program. J.A. Watt

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