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Replacing regular salt with real salt was one of the first things we informed people on; one needs less of it, plus it adds taste to one’s food (or it has a superior taste and supplies minerals; without synthetic iodine, which can aggravate acne).

There are also vegetated salts (e.g. one is Herbamare, regular and spicy for variety), along with dill, cayenne, garlic, etc with the real salt.

Another important factor is eliminating regular soaps and detergents, and replacing them with natural-based brands or homemade ones. These include laundry detergents that can aggravate or irritate one’s skin, shampoos, dish detergents, perfumes and aftershaves often contain tuolene, etc that many are sensitive or allergic to, causing a host of problems.

We have been educating and advocating for the avoidance of these for decades, when it was largely unheard of, but now has been recognized as causing problems in a large segment of people to varying degrees. There are many natural brands available, ‘the purer, the better.’ The key is to stop the damaging additives that impede healing; this ends up saving time, expense, effort and energy.

It is known that eating low on the glycemic index (diet) is anti-inflamatory and anti-aging; also, paying attention to carbohydrate load. Also, when sugar and fat foods are eaten together, the fat keeps the blood sugar level high for long periods; this is especially a problem.

Sweetening with stevia, avoiding corn syrup in foods, stress, tension and anxiety are involved in most conditions to varying degrees. There are numerous products and techniques available to help, with EFT being highly effective, easy and quick.


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